Happy new month can you believe its June already I can’t believe just the other day i was writing a happy new year post and now we are almost mid year.

Last month I decided to switch up my foundation as I wasn’t feeling my previous one anymore, It was also another excuse to try a different brand of foundation really I had nothing against that previous brand.

So I thought I was really going to have an easy time getting to choose a new foundation but It was not. Because I really didn’t know what I’m looking for in a new foundation,I just wanted a different brand.

So I thought what do I really want my new foundation to be like really, so I had to research before actually going into a shop to get the perfect foundation.

Here are some of the things to consider;


light coverage/tinted moisturizer,medium coverage or full coverage. This really depends with the climate and with how good your skin is. If you have good skin with little to no acne then definitely go for medium to little coverage foundation,also if you are from a hot weather area. For colder areas or season especially this month of June if you are in Nairobi and the night life too then go for the full coverage


Before applying foundation its always best to start with some skin care right? So whats the point of you working on your skin only for it to be destroyed by your foundation? exactly.

Know your skin type too, are you oily, are you dry or are do you have normal skin type? If oily then go for oil free/mattyfying foundation. Dry skin go for moisturizing

make up products you need to own


To be honest i didn’t know my undertone before i was told. So how do you check your undertone? Try a vein test greenish veins have warm tones, purplish/blueish veins have cool tones you can check from your neck or the inside of your wrist.


  • Go makeup free to the preferred shop when buying foundation
  • Never test foundation on your hand apply 3 different shades on cheek or jawline
  • Check on natural light, go outside if you can
  • Do your research
  • When in doubt go lighter,use bronzer and blush to deepen

What are some of the things you consider ? leave a comment below

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  1. Before I understood how foundation worked, I struggled so much! These are such important tips. Thank you for writing super informative post.

  2. YOU are very welcome dear thank you for reading

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