Hello It’s a new week new chance and new opportunity. I am really trying to work on my consistency, I am trying to at least have an upload once a week hopefully i maintain that. Today’s post is all about prints, mixing matching maybe even clashing. I love prints and i always get inspo from romeofashionfix on Instagram when it comes to mixing prints. In my books i think she is the queen of mixing prints and here are some of the tips i have learnt when it comes to mixing prints

  1. Treat stripes and dots as solid colors

In my case the stripes blended perfectly with my floral dress because i treated it like its a solid color and also because white black are neutral colors.

2. Match colors not prints

Always check on the colors and not the prints and patterns if the colors on the prints match or blend in perfectly, then the prints will for sure match

3. Pair prints with neutrals

The black and white stripes in this case were my neutrals

4. Mix big with small and small with big

You should create interest when mixing two prints. try mixing big prints with small prints for contrast.

5.Most Importantly DON’T overthink it.

Remember mixing patterns is supposed to be fun! Don’t go overboard. Start slow. You’ve got this.

do you have any more tips?comment down below

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