The way this Nairobi weather is set up but i’m from kajiado county so I will rephrase. The way this kajiado weather is set up, it feels like its 50 degrees out here. Or maybe the sun kinda trippled on our end.

But this weather is makes us bring out the little skirts and shorts. Me being one of those people who cant really walk around town with short skirts completely. I figured why not wear a short skirt and finish up with a kimono that way i wont be fully exposing my legs.

Spoiler alert I did not have a kimono(which reminds me I should buy one) What did i have that was close to a kimono? This pajama gown, YES you read right. This is actually a pajama gown i thrifted a while back.

It actually looks cute and doesn’t scream bed with its prints,Its also very light so it was perfect for the weather. I was also very comfortable wearing my short skirt comfortably

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