Hey long time no post… Adulting is what happened and adulting is not always fun! Perhaps I’ll explain in another blog post. For today’s post I’m showcasing the slip dress trend that I’ve been seeing a lot of while scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest. I have stayed away from it for quite a while because I just wasn’t feeling the slip dress + sneakers type of vibe… It just wasn’t for me. But hey if it works for you why the hell not?

Slip dresses are so sexy and laid back, they resemble a seductive nightie… and girl I’m here for seductive. You feel me! They’re very seductive but yet they’re not at the same time, if that makes sense? A slip dress is silky and luscious and as easy to slip into as to slip out of, if you know what I mean *wink*(best for date nights with your man – you can thank me later).

Personally, I prefer styling a slip dress with heels, especially strappy heels, as they add to the sexiness. Adding a blazer and cinching the waist with a belt are perfect accessories to add to it, especially if you’re not into exposing your arms or you’re just feeling cold. This look could also go well with some ankle boots don’t you think? Or by adding a chunky sweater and cinching the waist, you can also never go wrong with that.

For a daytime look I would go for some sandals and a denim jacket, or just layer it with a simple white t-shirt and some sandals.

But for me, no sneakers with a slip dress. That’s like going on a sexy date and eating a sandwich!

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