A few weeks back I had gone thrift shopping at the local market, If you are a thrift shopper then you definitely know that you have no specific item in mind when thrift shopping. You just search and who knows what you might be lucky to find. Just like I was lucky to stumble upon a bale of velvet everything velvet I felt like I was in heaven and I had to say a prayer.

I was so happy because I had been looking for velvet for the longest, for me to find such a pile I might have been a pretty good girl that week. There were so many options to chose from. hoodies , trousers, skirts to even crop tops. I think socks were the only thing missing in that bale lol. I actually spent all my money that I had set aside that day on all these after selecting what I wanted and went home a happy woman. I wouldn’t say satisfied because I left a few pieces I wanted to bring with me but had to stick to my budget.

The velvet trend as seen on celebrities to me is just fancy rich and effortlessly luxurious and I’m here for it. here are the few pieces I got and how I styled them.

The velvet suit offers the perfect antidote to classic evening ensemble its comfortably stylish and gives an effortlessly appeal kinda vibe. Over the coming days might wear the blazer and pants separately but I love how the two look together very much.

Tell me what you think, would you wear any of the velvet pieces below?

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  1. Looove how you’ve styled the pieces.the skirt!!❤

    1. thank you very much

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